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Posted By Admin on 10/09/19 - Bookmark Aimee Sweet

Relationships are complicated. At least that is what most people who have had bad experiences in one or many breakups would confidently say. As a human, though, aside from relationships, our body still asks for quality sex. Most ladies may not have the audacity to approach guys but only wait until one approaches them. But for how long will you wait? If only you can find a realistic male sex doll instead, then you will endure unlimited sexual pleasures you’ve always wanted.

Here I have a cheat-list for you for the most useful male love dolls types you should look out for. You don’t have to let everybody around you know you are buying them. Instead, place your order and right at your deliver door address you will receive it.

1. Tall, Dark and Handsome

If you love men of this body type, then sex doll showrooms have them in plenty for you to choose. Beyond the tallness, dark complexion and handsomeness, you’ll find those with six-packs, built body, ‘young’ and even ‘mature.’ Some of them are lifelike, and therefore you can design the type of man you’ve wanted.

2. Young

If you feel like experiencing some quality sex with a young boy, here is your opportunity. From their design, you will feel as though they are real and are making you wet your panty before they even let their penis in you. Still, under this category, you will find those who are relatively short while others tall and others more built than others.

3. Full and half size

Male love dolls exist in these two major types. The full-size doll refers to a one with all its customizable features available; from the toes up to the head. The half-sizes are the torso. They are mini sex doll types with only the upper body parts. Sometimes, they may not have the head. The full-sizes are more expensive than the torso dolls. If you have a lower budget, therefore, it is a torso type that will suit you.

4. Muscular

This category consists of muscular dolls with conspicuous ‘veins’ on their ever erect penis. They have a broad chest as a lady you can lay on while feeling their human-like warmth. Their arms are firm featuring a series of muscles indicating just how powerful of a sex machine they are. Some of them here may be tall or relatively shorter while others may be blonde or dark.

5. Athletic
This group consists of guys fit for sports activities. They are highly flexible from their lean but healthy body types. Like in other categories, some of them might have their six feature specifications.

As I wrap up, I would want you to think of the best category of male love dolls you want. It should compose of only those dolls bearing the feature characteristics for your dream guy.

Note that finding a realistic female sex doll is much easier since they are available in plenty, so most likely you won’t take long finding your best.

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