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Posted By admin on 02/16/13 - Bookmark Aimee Sweet


You don’t find this kind of natural beauty often enough in the porn industry. These days it seems more and more women are moving to fake tits, fake hair and even fake lips!

Aimee Sweet has always kept herself relevant by doing things the old fashioned way. Through much hard work and determination she has turned her redhead, freckled, blue eyed look into a marketing powerhouse. And she did it all without having to go under the knife.


Digital Desire has several picture sets and videos of Aimee along with thousands more of other hot porn stars. You get unlimited access to download as much as you want. You can even watch the videos even if you cancel as there is no digital rights management to get in your the way of your viewing pleasure.


Answer: In a New York minute!

Question: Would you tap that ass?

Get more of Aimee at!

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Posted By admin on 12/07/12 - Bookmark Aimee Sweet


Aimee Sweet had better watch out. This little up and comer is willing to do whatever it takes to eclipse Aimee and take the porn industry into the end zone for a touchdown.

Speaking of the end zone. Emo girls like this redhead honey enjoy getting fucked in the ass. She doesn’t doesn’t do it to please her man. She does it because it feels good. She loves orgasms with a nice big cock deep in her ass. She says it makes her almost pass out it feels so good.

There are plenty of girls just like her ready to take on the porn women of the past. Open the video above in a new window by clicking on it to watch a redhead Emo giving a big cock blowjob.

Get plenty more Emo girls porn movies on the site. There are dozens of redheads like Aimee and hundreds more with every other hair color in the rainbow including blue and pink!

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Posted By admin on 06/26/12 - Bookmark Aimee Sweet


I’ll tell you what. There is only one case in which you want to see a porn star with a bush and that is when she is proving she is a redhead. Aimee Sweet is a bonafide redhead!

In the gallery above Aimee Sweet is posing over at Twistys. If you have never heard of them you are a loser. Just kidding. You are just clueless about where the hottest babes reside. got its start back when the Internet was new to most people. AOL was still on dialup and DSL hadn’t happened yet. Back then I used to run two models at the same time. They called that shotgunning. AOL hated it! But fuck them! I needed my porn and I wasn’t going to wait an entire day for one fucking gallery to download. No, buddy! I was only gonna wait half a day!

These days Twistys videos stream as fast as your connection can handle them. I use FIOS these days and it runs 50mbps down so I will often set 4 or 5 videos to download while I am streaming another!


I could lick Aimee Sweet’s vagina for days and never get tired of it. How could you? Damn I want to poke that tight little pooter of hers!


Aimee got her start in porn as a Penthouse Pet. Things blossomed and now she has her own official site. Grab a password to Aimee Sweet and this redhead hottie will also give you access to a bunch of her friends! You can get full access to her old spread with our discount for 61% off.

Don’t forget to join Twistys too. They have 17 photo sets of Aimee and 8 videos. Along with Aimee Sweet they also have thousands of other babes including every porn star you have ever heard of!

Back in the day being in Playboy meant you were a sex symbol. Hell, even Joan Collins has appeared in Playboy! At age 50 no less! Fuck… She was my first bonafide MILF stroke babe!

Anyway… These days Twistys is the spot women want to be seen at. If they aren’t on Twistys then they aren’t really a porn star. With all of her pics and videos at you could say that Aimee Sweet is a porn star 25 times over!

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Posted By admin on 06/25/11 - Bookmark Aimee Sweet
aimee_sweet11_05 aimee_sweet11_01

Women can get pretty darn competitive and that goes double in the South. These two big breasted cowgirls started out in a catfight, but ended up becoming lesbian friends with benefits!

Aimee Sweet has shared her sugar and spice with a lot of girls. She has also shared it with a lot of men. You can watch all of her sexy scenes on her Official Aimee Sweet web site!

aimee_sweet11_04 aimee_sweet11_14
aimee_sweet11_15 aimee_sweet11_18

Take a tour on one of the hottest porn star sites the planet has ever seen. While you are there chat live with your favorite erotic models!

Grab your own pass to Aimee Sweet.

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Posted By admin on 06/25/11 - Bookmark Aimee Sweet


There is a rule in the nude modeling industry that goes something like: If you want to look good in blue, become a redhead! I’d have to say that Aimee Sweet is living proof that this rule works!

With her red hair and her pink nipples this porn star hottie would make just about anybody blush… Including the Pope himself (whom ever he may be at the time)!




I know, Aimee, I want to dive into your pussy too! Take her tour and I am sure you will find Aimee Sweet to be as sweet as honey!

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Posted By admin on 06/25/11 - Bookmark Aimee Sweet


You know you are about to enter one hell of a tight pussy when you can barely make out where it is! Aimee Sweet proves that just because you are a porn star, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a tight pussy!

aimeesweet_Rug_Burn04 panties

If this redhead doesn’t inspire you to shoot big chunks of sperm all over your monitor, nothing will! As a member of Aimee Sweet you also get access to her friends like Bree Olson, one of Charlie Sheen’s goddesses. Which would make you a winner!

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Posted By admin on 06/24/11 - Bookmark Aimee Sweet


Beautiful women always seem to hang out with beautiful women. Sure, once in a while a dog manages to weasel its way into the group, but for the most part, hot babes stick with hot babes!

This is especially true for hot babes that get naked for a living. All of their friends and coworkers usually work inside the industry. Aimee Sweet enjoys removing her clothing for both guys and girls. She is a bisexual redhead!

Redheads are often smoking hot as adults and kind of not-so-much when they are young. I think this is why they band together in school. With nobody else showing them some love it is up to them to satisfy each others desires for friendship and companionship.




These kinds of relationships get stronger and bolder with age!

You can watch all of the Aimee Sweet videos and download her picture sets at her official site,! She updates weekly and has been known to hang out in her members forum revealing all kinds of kinky things about herself!

Want to know more about this former Penthouse Pet? Grab a pass to Aimee Sweet! She even gives you access to her friends!

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Aimee Sweet – Redhead Porn Star
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